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The Galaxy Buds Live comes in three shading alternatives, spiritualist white, dark, and bronze. They cost around 15,500 shillings in Kenya. This cost is somewhat higher than that of the standard Apple AirPods. The Buds Live resemble the AirPods with an open-plan which makes them agreeable to wear. They’re likewise truly discrete and sit flush with your ear without a little white line standing out from them.

Cosmic system Buds Live specs and cost in Kenya

Price Sh. 15,500

Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0



Battery 60 mAh

Case battery

472 mAH

Comm Wireless

Ear tips

Huge, Medium, Small

Colors White, Bronze, Black

Instructions to wear Galaxy Buds Live

Presently, Samsung says you should put these in your ears in a specific way. It’s sort of with the speaker looking down into your ear at a 45-degree point. In any case, it is somewhat more level. So I think you need to go with what works for you relying upon how safely they will fit. Keeping the standard AirPods in one’s ears isn’t as simple all things considered here. With these, you will experience no difficulty. They fit well. You can run and even bicycle with them. And keeping in mind that they just have IPX 2 water–safe, that implies they are sprinkle safe from specific points, they are sweat-safe and you can work out in them.

We enjoyed the Galaxy buds besides, which have a commotion detaching plan. They fit well as well. Furthermore, we think they sound truly useful for the cash. Calculated that when Samsung noised dropping earbuds, it would make something fundamentally the same as the Buds Plus and add commotion dropping and consider them the buds star or something to that effect. In any case, all things considered, it’s these Samsung Buds Live earbuds that have the commotion dropping.

Samsung calls it ANC for open sort. I can’t state it’s too powerful. There have been a couple of earbuds that have an open or semi-open plan that has commotion dropping. Yet, I’ve generally discovered that you need a tight seal to have clamor dropping work. These should diminish some commotion in the lower frequencies. Also, Samsung discusses them impeding sound while you’re riding on a train or a transport.


Sound-wise, the Galaxy Buds Live are very there with the best sounding genuine remote earbuds. They’re as refined as those earphones. They’re truly strong and lovely to tune in to. Also, you can make some solid changes in the world of Bud’s buddy application for iOS and Android. You may see that the bass moves off a smidgen at higher volumes when you push the volume up. Yet, that will in general be good enough for Bluetooth earbuds. In any case, in light of the fact that these are open. I’d in general push the volume.

Listening experience

They do appear to help marginally when you’re tuning in to music or settling on voice decisions and uproarious conditions. Be that as it may, the AirPods Pro and Sony WF 1000 XR3 have much better commotion dropping. So don’t accept these for the clamor dropping, or you might be disillusioned. On the other side, in case you’re touchy to the dynamic commotion dropping, these shouldn’t trouble you. Like the Galaxy Buds Plus, I enjoyed how these sounded nothing unexpected.

World Buds Live

World Buds Live sounds open. That is the place where the reside name comes from. Their open vaporous sound doesn’t feel like it’s stuck in your head. They have 12-millimeter drivers and a major base port. The base is stout yet punchy, which is the way a great many people like it. What’s more, there’s a pleasant detail in the mids and highs. There’s positively vivacious sounding, the dynamic is the word to utilize. Visit this present item’s true site here

Numerous gadgets

It’s a little indistinct whether these have genuine multipoint Bluetooth matching. It accomplishes appears to work with cosmic system gadgets. You can match them with different world gadgets and they naturally switch between those gadgets. It’s quite consistent! With iOS and Android clients. That is normal Android clients. It’s somewhat more muddled. You’d need to physically switch between them. They don’t appear to be combined all the while to two gadgets immediately. You can likewise combine these two windows PCs utilizing Microsoft Swift pair.

Foundation clamor and calls

The Galaxy Buds Plus worked effectively in diminishing foundation commotion when you’re settling on voice decisions. Cosmic system Buds Live do as well. There are two mouthpieces outwardly of each bud and one within. And keeping in mind that they don’t totally stifle sound around you, they work really hard of packing down encompassing commotion and furthermore getting your voice. Individuals I talked with said they could hear me well, in any event, when I had talk commotion, playing pretty noisily out of sight.

Additional highlights

Concerning additional highlights. World gadget proprietors do get a couple of alternatives, not accessible to Apple and normal Android clients. That is to be expected since AirPods halfway exists to help sell more iPhones. So it shouldn’t stun anybody that Samsung would have some uncommon highlights for its clients. To begin with, there’s a low inactivity gaming mode in the lab segment of the application. It’s intended to decrease inactivity issues while gaming. That was additionally accessible for the buds also, yet what’s going on is a without hands Bixby voice colleague choice.

World Buds Live

Like the sans hands alternative for Siri, for AirPods that permits you to initiate Bixby without utilizing the earbuds contact controls. It manages the job competently and is responsive. On the off chance that you utilize a sans hands huge speed, you do lose a smidgen of battery life. Is circulated air through as long as 8 hours with commotion dropping off in 6 hours with it on it drops to 5.5 with clamor dropping on Also, Bixby, consistently there hanging tight for you to awaken it. The reduced charging case has remote charging, or it likewise charges through USBC. It gives you around more than two additional charges.


A great deal of time arguments is about the sound and the highlights of Galaxy Buds Live. In any case, it’s their plan that the champion element. We get a ton of these kinds of your buds in for an audit. This is the first in some time that we believe is inventive and extraordinary. They’re really exceptional looking, attentive, and in addition to the fact that they fit safely, however, they’re agreeable to wear for extensive stretches. Too bad! The commotion dropping. That isn’t what I trusted it would be, yet it is a test to do with open earbuds like these even so they’re effectively among the most amazing aspect earbuds of 2020.

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